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Polar: One Item Three Ways

Polar: One Item Three Ways | Flatspot

Celebrated not only within the skate industry as one of the leading independent brands, Polar Skate Co. has also gained recognition within fashion for the development of its own oversized cut and sew silhouettes and custom artwork that celebrates individual creativity. Continuing to forge their own path with the vision of founder Pontus Alv via seasonal apparel releases, groundbreaking video releases, collaborations and a collective of team riders that includes some of the best celebrated faces in the industry - Hjalte Halberg, Oskar Rozenberg, Nick Boserio - Polar Skate Co. has created their own international following by developing a distinctive personality that translates across a variety of mediums which in turn has brought a new audience to skateboarding.

Last year saw the Malmö based label team up with: Jean-Louis Huhta for a memorable autumn lookbook, Nike SB for two exclusive footwear designs and Thrasher Magazine for their first feature in the iconic skate publication which documented a noteworthy team trip to Japan. Whilst it’s going to be a hard year to follow we’ve got a feeling the crew are going to muster up the energy for another momentous 12 months, starting with their spring ‘20 collection.

Presented through a selection of ‘one item three ways’ mix and match outfit combinations, we’ve paired the best picks from the latest Polar Skate Co. SP20 collection with goods from other leading brands such as Carhartt, Levi’s Skate, Nike SB and Vans to suggest updates and wardrobe refreshers that will see you through the transition into the new season and beyond

Polar Garment Dye Crewneck Sweatshirt

Polar: One Item Three Ways | Flatspot

Polar Garment Dye Crewneck Sweatshirt  /  Carhartt Detroit (Summer) Jacket   /  Levi's® Skate Baggy 5 Pocket Trousers  /  Polar Stroke Logo Socks  /  New Balance Numeric 440 Shoes

Featuring chest embroidery drawn by Malmö designer and artist Elvira Varghans, the heavyweight Polar Garment Dye Crewneck Sweatshirt is ideal for layering below the summer edition of the Carhartt Detroit Jacket and has an acid-wash style finish which is enhanced by medium wash denim such as the Levi’s Skate Baggy 5 Pocket Trousers.

Polar: One Item Three Ways | Flatspot

Polar Garment Dye Crewneck Sweatshirt  /  Polar Track Jacket  /  Polar Surf Pants  /  Carhartt Essentials Bag  /  Vans Rowan Pro Shoes

If you’re out in the city and wanting less bulk but still a certain level of warmth, a combination of the Polar Garment Dye Crewneck Sweatshirt and water repellent Polar Track Jacket provides ample coverage that won’t weigh you down, especially when paired with the notoriously comfortable Polar Surf Pants.

Polar: One Item Three Ways | Flatspot

Polar Garment Dye Crewneck Sweatshirt  /  Patagonia Baggies Lights Shorts  /  Magenta VX 5 Panel Cap  /  Nike SB Bruin Edge Shoes

As far as colour matching goes, the purple tone is pretty versatile and can be played up or down with different trousers and shorts. For easy going summer days the stone blue edition of the Baggies Lights Shorts would be our choice paired with any low or mid cut footwear with some old school tube socks.

Polar ‘93 Denim Jeans

Polar: One Item Three Ways | Flatspot

Polar 93 Denim Jeans  /  Vans Rowan Zorilla Faces Long Sleeve T-Shirt   /  North Skateboard Magazine Supplies Logo Beanie  /  Nike SB Shane Shoes  /  Taikan Everything Sacoche Bag Corduroy

Resilient and destined to get better with age, the light wash Polar ‘93 Denim Jeans will see you through many years to come thanks to the selected durable 435gsm denim. For warmer spring days the Vans Rowan Zorilla Faces Long Sleeve T-Shirt topped off with the North Skateboard Magazine Supplies Logo Beanie provides plenty of coverage.

Polar: One Item Three Ways | Flatspot

Polar 93 Denim Jeans  /  Butter Goods Hampshire 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt  /  Patagonia Recycled Nylon Parka  /  Converse Checkpoint Pro Ox Shoes

When you’re in between seasons and could be hit with any weather, the Patagonia Recycled Nylon Parka is slightly longer than your average jacket and when worn with the Butter Goods Hampshire ¼ Zip Sweatshirt which has a raised neckline and elasticated waist, you’re sorted for protection from the elements that won’t look amiss in the city.

Polar: One Item Three Ways | Flatspot

Polar 93 Denim Jeans  /  Carhartt Crewneck Sweatshirt  /  Parlez Flatholm Beanie  /  Carhartt Norwood Socks  /  Adidas Liberty Cup Shoes

The light wash of the Polar ‘93 Denim Jeans is super adaptable and brings out the best in brighter colours such as azzuro blue and pop orange tones seen on the Carhartt Crewneck Sweatshirt and Carhartt Norwood Socks. You can roll the hem to suit which will show off crisp new footwear designs such as the adidas Liberty Cup Shoes.

Polar Henley T-Shirt

Polar: One Item Three Ways | Flatspot

Polar Henley T-Shirt  /  Polar 93 Cord Trousers  /  Pop Trading Company Simple Hooded Jacket  /  Adidas Matchbreak Super Shoes

Refreshed in sage coloured, fine wale corduroy, the Polar ‘93 Cords pair nicely with the black Pop Trading Company Simple Hooded Jacket which is a functional go-to style. Add in some crisp white tones for freshness with styles such as the white Polar Henley T-Shirt worn underneath and adidas Matchbreak Super Shoes.

Polar: One Item Three Ways | Flatspot

Polar Henley T-Shirt  /  Polar Collar Zip Sweatshirt  /  Brixton Steady X Shorts  /  Severn Tulip 6 Panel Cap  /  Adidas Campus ADV Shoes

As part of Brixton’s All Terrain collection, the Steady X Shorts are made from recycled Repreve material woven from a blend of materials including hemp and cotton which provides a breathable, lightweight finish that is perfect for summer skate sessions. Pair with the Polar Henley T-Shirt when the sun is high and for the evening throw the sport grey Collar Zip Sweatshirt on top.

Polar: One Item Three Ways | Flatspot

Polar Henley T-Shirt  /  Patagonia Better Sweater 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt  /  Carhartt Clover Pants  /  Kavu Rope Sling Bag  /  Vans Chima Pro 2 Shoes

A key inspiration for a lot of spring designs this year, climbing influenced details have been continually used by Patagonia since the brands inception and have now been incorporated by brands such as Carhartt to increase the practicality of everyday pieces. Whether you’re staying on the ground or heading higher, the Carhartt Clover Pants and camouflage edition of the Patagonia Better Sweater ¼ Zip Sweatshirt will set you up for the day.  

Looking to city surroundings and international connections for constant inspiration, not to mention growing up in the ‘90s, Polar Skate Co. founder Pontus Alv has done what many hope to do within skateboarding which is to create a memorable character in the industry that will be remembered long past its time. As the first drop of many to arrive throughout the year, we've got our eyes peeled for more new goods and hopes are high for some special edition goods, video parts and collabs in celebration of the brands 10th anniversary next year. 

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