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In Conversation with Daniel 'Snowy' Kinloch of Boys Choir

In Conversation with Daniel 'Snowy' Kinloch of Boys Choir | Flatspot

Following the official release of Daniel ‘Snowy’ Kinloch’s new UK based clothing label Boys Choir, we caught up with the PWBC member to find out more behind how his latest project has been brought to life, how lockdown in the country's capital is treating him and what lies ahead.

Known for his part within Southbank’s early skate scene during the mid 2000s, alongside the likes of Palace founder Lev Tanju, Lucien Clarke and Blondey McCoy who have each found themselves working within both fashion and skateboarding, Snowy has been gearing up for his own solo project for sometime and we’re stoked to see it come to life and he informs us that this is just the beginning of what’s to come


"I mean I couldn’t have launched a brand at a crazier time to be honest"


Flatspot:  Hey Snowy, how have you been? What’s good? 

Snowy:  Hi yes ok thank you, very strange times right now but I’m doing well, keeping positive and busy.


Flatspot:  It’s been a strong start to a crazy year now that you’ve officially launched Boys Choir! How does it feel? What’s been the feedback so far? 

Snowy:  Yeah it has indeed, I mean I couldn’t have launched a brand at a crazier time to be honest lol. But it was now or never and it's gone down super well so far which I’m very happy about. 


In Conversation with Daniel 'Snowy' Kinloch of Boys Choir | Flatspot 

Flatspot:  Wayward was a long time in the making and something you’re no doubt very proud of - taking the lessons from setting up your first clothing label, how have you approached the setup from Boys Choir?

Snowy:  Yes i'll always be proud of Wayward, it was a long time coming though. I kinda wish we’d pulled the trigger sooner sometimes, time tends to slip by quickly so I think its important if you want to do something then you should jump on it. As soon as we launched, in fact for a lot longer than that I knew I wanted to do something of my own too, something that was purely my own creative direction. But look that took another 2 years for me to do! Haha. I did learn a hell of a lot starting Wayward, especially with production etc and I’m happy i can carry that through for Boys Choir, it's definitely helped.


Flatspot:  There’s a distinctive old school vibe to this first release from Boys Choir with bucket hats and strong artwork - where do you draw your inspiration? What is the significance of the cherub? 

Snowy:  Yeah i guess it's characteristic of my background, the Halcyon days of the late 90’s/early 2000’s, the time when I was discovering the world, travelling, skating, and meeting the people that would shape my life. I try to draw inspiration from everywhere really and I hope that will be reflected in the stuff I put out. The cherub is the cherub- I would say it signifies the attitude of the company, I know cherubs are meant to be angelic but he is definitely a rascal.


In Conversation with Daniel 'Snowy' Kinloch of Boys Choir | Flatspot

In Conversation with Daniel 'Snowy' Kinloch of Boys Choir | Flatspot 


"The cherub is the cherub [...] I know cherubs are meant to be angelic but he is definitely a rascal."


Flatspot:  Ha, yeah we can tell that about the cherub! And what about the design process, do you have an intention for the brand or do you see it being quite sporadic?  

Snowy:  Of course I have big intentions for the brand. This corona outbreak has put a bit of a brake on things but it’s also helped me focus on what I want really with it. I’ve been working non stop over the past few week's and the next seasons are bigger and bolder. I just want to push on with it now and build something monumental.


Flatspot:  Can you introduce us to the team behind Boys Choir? Are you working closely with the Wayward guys or is this a more personal project? It feels very British - are you hoping to keep it close to home or would you take it further afield? 

Snowy:  No this is a completely solo project actually, there are a couple of people that have helped me with some bits and pieces but so far concept and artwork etc have all been me. I was dying to do my own thing for so long that I think I’ve needed to keep it quite personal to satisfy that creative hunger. There are people I definitely would love to and hope I get to work with in the future though! 

Yes you could say it's essentially British but I don’t want it to be just that, it's basically a reflection of my personality and how I see things, I like to think that it is as worldly as possible and that’s ultimately what I want Boys Choir to be. It has launched in several countries worldwide and that will expand to ten for next season and so on and so on. I want it to be a global brand ;)

 In Conversation with Daniel 'Snowy' Kinloch of Boys Choir | Flatspot

Flatspot:  Following on from your time at Southbank, you’ve worked with an array of international names within skateboarding and fashion - who has stood out to you most and who do you look to emulate?  

Snowy:  Yeah I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to do a lot of things and all from ratting around on a skateboard. I don’t know there are so many people, and I hate naming names. You know what I love and I find most inspiring, people who just do their thing, who crack on with what they want and don’t listen to the bollocks too much. Believe me if you listened to it too much you’d never do anything.


"Yeah I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to do a lot of things and all from ratting around on a skateboard."


Flatspot:  Alongside being a professional photographer and now running two clothing brands, do you have any other projects for the year or is this enough to keep you busy!? How was the Unnecessary Evil private view in Feb?

Snowy:  Haha I wouldn’t say professional but I do love photography and I am trying to get things pumping on that front. Wayward and Boys Choir take up most of my time and I am fully focused on them at the moment, but I have also been working with another brand on some creative elements which are happening soon... 

The Unnecessary Evil show was actually Edson and my friend Jackson’s show, they asked me to be in it but not photos. So I made a weird video instead which took me out of my comfort zone but was fun and I was stoked with how it turned out. The show was sick, they smashed it, it made me want to really get back on making things like that happen.


In Conversation with Daniel 'Snowy' Kinloch of Boys Choir | Flatspot


Flatspot:  The event happened just on the cusp of the Covid-19 lockdown - seeing as the majority of the world is currently in the same position, what are your tips for self-isolation and how are you keeping yourself sane at home in London? 

Snowy:  Well I’m not so sure i'm entirely sane anymore tbh;)! I‘m lucky as I have my GF and doggie ‘Fury’ so I have some company which makes it much easier. I’d say having something to focus on and put your energy into is a really good thing. I try to make a list everyday of the things I either need to do or want to do and I’m not necessarily saying you’ll do everything on it but it helps me stay focused. Then there is so much good music, film, docs, online courses, books etc out there that you can occupy your time with. If there is anything good about this horrible fucked up time it’s maybe that we can focus on ourselves and those around us a little more without all the shitty distractions that life throws up. Oh that and cooking and drinking definitely help!


"...this is just something I’ve dreamed of doing for a long time."


Flatspot:  Looking ahead to a lockdown-free world - can you give us any hints on what’s to come from Boys Choir or will we have to wait and see?

Snowy:  Plenty to come, this is just the beginning. I’m very excited for the next seasons as I think they will really show the true personality of the company. TBH it seems a bit silly to be talking about clothing right now but this is just something I’ve dreamed of doing for a long time. I really just want all of us to get through this safely so we can all crack on with the things we want to do. I hope everyone is safe and sound out there. Massive love to all the people putting themselves on the line to help others right now, you are all bloody legends. 


Flatspot:  Nice one, thanks for your time Snowy it’s been great to catch up - stay safe and we’ll be eagerly awaiting the next drop. See you on the other side!


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