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Kyron Davis Interview

Nike SB team rider Kyron Davis recently signed on with Eric Koston and Guy Mariano's Numbers board company. We met with Kyron in London to talk about his inspirations and to take a first look at the Nike SB x Numbers Blazer Low (a Flatspot UK exclusive) and the limited forthcoming clothing capsule.

Flatspot: How much of a community is there in London for skateboarding?

Kyron: There’s a big community. London is so big, you find yourself staying in the area you live. There are loads of crews floating around everywhere.

Flatspot: Who do you regularly skate and shoot with?

Kyron: Ummmm... I skate with the Gremlins loads! The crew is too big to say all the names. Will Miles, Fred, Chris, Matt, Eddie Arthur, Casper, Big Dave.... there’s a few.

Above: Kyron Davis skating at Canada Water. Shot by Will Milles.

Flatspot: How competitive are you?

Kyron: I don’t think i'm very competitive, maybe with myself...

Flatspot: It's a good thing right?

Kyron: It’s always good to challenge yourself.

Flatspot: You previously rode for Cliché, did you have a plan for where you wanted to go next?

Kyron: I didn’t have a plan. I just went out and skated to be honest.

Flatspot: During that period of time, did you get hit up by anyone else?

Kyron: A couple of people hit me up. I was hyped that there was a couple companies I was into that were backing me. Big up UK skateboarding!

Flatspot: When looking for new spots that haven't been touched, do you look elsewhere in England or try to keep it local?

Kyron: I try to keep it local. It would be very time consuming and expensive if I travelled to Wales to look for new spots. Staying local is fun and easier.

Flatspot: How about historically, which videos or parts have had a big influence on you?

Kyon: I really like all the Landscape videos and the Death videos. Them guys always killed it.

Flatspot: Eric Koston and Guy Mariano have been around the block a few times, so Numbers seems to be something pretty personal to them. Can you see your own brand debuting somewhere down the line? What would it be called?

Kyron: (laughing) I don’t think I would start a brand... but... I would call the company Gang Gang Gang if I was to start a one up.

Flatspot: Outside of skating, what inspires you?

Kyron: My mum and dad inspire me

Flatspot: What are you most listening to right now?

Kyron: A Tribe Called Quest. Pay homage to them legends!

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