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Flatspot Team Prague Trip: Mystic Sk8 Cup



From the 28th - 30th June '19, Flatspot team riders Matt Beer and Aaron Jago headed out to the Mystic Skatepark Štvanice in Prague for the famous ‘Mystic Sk8 Cup’. As one of the oldest skate comps in Europe, the event runs over three days with street and bowl disciplines running, attracting skaters from all over the world. Accompanied by live music and the Mystic Bar, everybody gets hyped to skate - Matt Beer was on hand to document the event, armed with his Fuji Instax.




Playing host to the skate comp since the mid-nineties, the Czech Republic’s prestigious Mystic Cup is situated on Štvanice island in central Prague, surrounded by the Vltava river, which seems an unlikely place to hold a skate event. Prague’s skate scene is bustling though, with the locals playing great hosts. Their go-to is the famous ‘Stalin Square’ spot - which was once home to the world's largest Joseph Stalin monument (before it was demolished by the Czech government by 800 kilograms of explosives). Matt and Jago stopped by for a session, with Jago smashing a front feeble down the DIY rail. 

 In its 25th year, the competition saw entrants bringing some hammers, with Matt sailing a back 360 grab across the bowl transfer and sending some banging airs he managed to score himself 8th place. The street course brought a combination of tech and creativity, with skaters from all over the world bringing their personal style. Our boy Jago placed 5th overall, displaying his consistency on the rails, popping barley grinds and a sick 180 switch smith 180 out through the kinks.  



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