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Brixton Art Show - Public Service Announcement

Last weekend we were lucky enough to get an invite to Brixton’s Art Show, hosted at Mum & Dad Studios, London. The Brixton ‘Public Service Announcement’ works as a travelling art series, with pop-ups in London, Paris and Berlin. Featuring team riders Brian Delatorre and Dolan Stearns, with a guest appearance from Guarab Thakali amongst other local artists and photographers.

Using the Mum & Dad Studios really complimented the Public Service Announcement series, offering an industrial, dynamic atmosphere which coincided with the surrounding artwork seamlessly. The vibe on the night was really going off, warm welcomes and introductions ensured everyone was stoked, beers were flowing and the hosts provided a rad time. Familiar faces appeared in the crowd, showing the sick, mutual appreciation we have in the British skate scene, support was in abundance for the Brixton lads.

First up is Dolan Stearns. Dolan is a professional skateboarder from across the pond, who rides for Lurkville, Brixton and Independent, to name just a few. For the London show, Dolan showcased a collection of his illustrations, collages and mixed media pieces, the words I’d use to describe Dolan’s work is distinctive, imaginative and somewhat surreal. The experimentation on using whatever he can find as a canvas really sets him apart, including baseball cards, cigarette packets and even old Converse beaters.

Skateboarder, photographer and Brixton team rider Brian Delatorre exhibited a curated selection of his street photographs. Brian holds a unique style with his photography, capturing moments enlightening us with open invitations to peoples daily lives. It’s plain to see that travelling as a professional skateboarder has given him the opportunity to hone this vision, playing with light and offering us his take on how he views the world.

The last exhibitor I’ll mention is Guarab Thakali, you may recognise Guarab’s work from his series for Bristol based Skateboard Cafe. Guarab was born in Nepal, with current residence in London, his renowned style gathers inspiration from the bustling 60’s and 70’s music scene, working with a colour palette that sets an intentional mood and tone within his paintings and prints.

Big thanks to Brixton for the art viewing, beers and good time.

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