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The Old Skool by Vans

A now instantly recognisable silhouette with iconic detailing, the Vans Old Skool has always been a favourite for skaters, however in recent times it has become increasingly popular amongst rappers and celebrities alike. There isn’t a city in the world now, where you’ll go and not see a pair of Old Skools, be it the classic black / white colour way, a custom or a collaborative piece.


The Vans Old Skool made its debut in 1977 under “Style 37”, because back then they used numbers instead of names. A new low-top style, the Old Skool was Vans’ first skate shoe to incorporate leather panels, the company which started off as the Van Doren Rubber Company in Anaheim in 1966 had just introduced a new classic silhouette.


It was the first shoe that showcased the iconic Vans side stripe, which was originally a random doodle by Vansfounder Paul Van Doren, who referred to it as the “jazz stripe”, and 40 years down the line it has now become the unmistakable hallmark of Vans.


With a unique silhouette and various panels in it’s construction, the Old Skool offered people a sense of creativity to customise their Vans shoes. People realised the simple idea of using a pen to create your own unique piece of footwear. Offering the perk of many panels and materials of which could be altered to suit anyone’s style. Steve Van Doren saw this and therefore made the notion of expressing your style and personality through footwear into an integral part of the Vans Old Skool, which became a trusty and coveted canvas for all.


Collaborations have become increasingly important for Vans because it has allowed them to express creativity with artists who reach into and beyond the Vans Culture.


The Vans Old Skool has been at the front of numerous collaborations, from the realm of haute couture and high fashion, teaming up with Marc Jacobs gave Vans the opportunity to construct an Old Skool with premium materials, cutting edge pattern designs as well as limited production numbers. Therefore creating a Vans Old Skool fit for fashion boutiques across the world and driving Vans collectors crazy on web forums and bidding sites.


Even long-lasting relationships have stemmed from the collaborative efforts; including the very first partnership with New York skate brand Supreme in the mid ‘90’s, which marked the beginning of numerous collaborative pieces  and friendships being created that last to this day.


“The Old Skool is an iconic, classic skate shoe. In 1996, it was one of the best shoes offered by Vans and it has really stood the test of time,” says Supreme’s founder James Jebbia.


With the modern day introduction of the Vans Old Skool Pro, the classic shoe gets upgraded to meet the demands of skateboarding and offer enhanced performance. Constructed with Duracap rubber underlays in hardwearing areas, the Old Skool becomes more durable for skate sessions. Not only that, the updated Old Skool gets an extremely comfortable UltraCush HD insole to keep your foot closer to the board while offering more protection and cushioning on those big impact landings. However it is still built with the Vans original waffle outsole for that superior grip and control of your board that you’ve always been given by the Vans Old Skool. The only aesthetic difference the Old Skool Pro showcases compared to its original predecessor is the Vans woven label that appears on the white leather side stripe.


Due to the Old Skool standing the test of time with its timeless aesthetic, over the years it has become more and more iconic. Flaunting a versatile silhouette and the ever changing colour ways that get released, the Van OldSkool truly is a wardrobe staple no matter who you are or what you do, it should be a part of your rotation.


Vans are the brand that always push the boat out with their designs from heritage colour ways to reissues, the Old Skool is all about colour, patterns and materials. It meets the needs of everyone from every corner of every spectrum. You will see it every where you go, from skate parks, to fashion weeks, to bars and restaurants, you will see the Vans Old Skool everywhere.


So make sure you cop yourself a pair of these timeless classics. 

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