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Perhaps best recognised for their famous Mount Fitz Roy logo which has been a finishing touch across collections of innovative outerwear since the spring 1976 collection, Patagonia’s original artwork remains a key element within seasonal releases of clothing, hardware and accessories and represents the brand’s significant connection with nature whilst acting as wearable campaigns. 

Patagonia Fitz Roy Horizons Responsibili-Tee T-Shirt - Flatspot

Patagonia Fitz Roy Horizons Responsibili-Tee T-Shirt - Black


Committed in their attempts to manufacture products in a way that is both sustainable and responsible when it comes to material selection, quality and production, Patagonia continue to grow and pioneer between developments in the industry and their ongoing growth. Since being established in 1973 by rock climber Yvon Chouinard, playful colour experiments combined with unexpected, textural fabrics have provided a backdrop for original illustrations created by the California based team and a selection of guest artists. Acting as a reminder for the brands existence, the mountain silhouette logo can be recognised internationally regardless of its presentation with a silhouette depicting the Monte Fitz Roy peak with a hazy blue tone background and bold typography below. 


Patagonia P-6 Logo Responsibili-tee T-Shirt - Flatspot
Patagonia P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee T-Shirt - Peach Sherbert


During the brands early years in the 1970’s, freelance artist Jocelyn Slack was assigned the task of designing a logo for the clothing division of Patagonia and recalls using a climbing guide as inspiration, in addition to Yvon’s recollections of the regions famous summits situated between Argentina and Chile. At the time it was a tie up between ‘Patagonia’ and ‘The Great Pacific Iron Works’ for the company’s first store name, but after colour was added to Slack’s illustrations - including the memorable blue, purple and red tone sky - a handpicked font selected by CEO Kris McDivitt was added and the now-famous Mount Fitz Roy ‘P-6’ logo was submitted. Known as one of the hardest mountains to climb, Chounard successfully completed an ascent in 1986 and the logo appropriately represents rugged, unforgiving environments that each product has been designed to withstand. It is also noted that ‘Patagonia’ can be pronounced in every language, which ties into the brands global connections.   


Patagonia Line Logo Ridge Pocket Responsibili-Tee T-Shirt - Flatspot

Patagonia Line Logo Ridge Pocket Responsibili-Tee T-Shirt - Glyph Gold


Having gained popularity within streetwear in recent years whilst simultaneously remaining in demand for those wanting to show their appreciation for the brand’s history, ethos and political edge, the classic P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee T-Shirt represents an ongoing evolution of graphic t-shirt styles, now proudly constructed from 100% recycled fabric made from post consumer plastic bottles and fabric waste. As the defining graphic for the brand, reinterpretations of the design come to light each season with core features remaining against experimental colours, illustrative styles and typography. Seen on the glyph gold edition of the Line Logo Ridge Pocket Responsibili-Tee T-Shirt, a vibrant base is provided for a sketched version of the distinctive mountain peak silhouette against a split gradient background with bold ‘patagonia’ lettering underneath. 


Patagonia Cosmic Peaks T-Shirt - Flatspot

Patagonia Fitz Roy Scope Organic T-Shirt - Resin Yellow


Bringing his own unique style to the season once more as a favoured guest artist, Los Angeles based Neil Hubert works on commercial projects through his co-owned brand and graphic arts studio Radical Co-Operative. Inspired by traditional hand drawn techniques and classic sign painting typography, a simple yet effective design style ignites a fresh character within established Patagonia branding, as seen on the 100% recycled Fitz Roy Horizons Responsibili-Tee T-Shirt. True to the original image, the mountains peaks are emphasised above Patagonia lettering that has been narrowed slightly. Likewise, the Fitz Roy Scope Organic T-Shirt also displays subtle but effective edits through a circular design suggestive of a scout badge that incorporates the brands birth year of 1973.


Patagonia Cosmic Peaks T-Shirt - Flatspot

Patagonia Cosmic Peaks Organic T-Shirt - White


Further proving the impact of the original logo design and its versatile elements, the new Cosmic Peaks Organic T-Shirt design shows a rework of the Fitz Roy silhouette that harnesses the spirit of the great outdoors with playful psychedelic influences. Rolling waves in the foreground and exaggerated lettering splits the design in two, presenting a scene reminiscent of those found on beach postcards or vintage bumper stickers. The graphic has been screen printed on the front and reverse of the short sleeve silhouette, with curved lines encasing muted tones for a vintage style finish.

Patagonia Melt Down Responsibili-tee T-Shirt - Flatspot

Patagonia Fed Up With Melt Down Responsibili-Tee T-Shirt - Gravel Heather


Differing each season, the Real Riches campaign includes a capsule collection of graphics specifically designed to inspire the protection of wild landscapes. Looking ahead to autumn/winter ‘19, the defence of public lands takes centre stage through a ‘Our Lands’ campaign that was first brought to light in 2016 when national monuments came under attack from the American government. Not only promoting matters close to their Californian HQ base, the team have highlighted an international issue of global warming through the Fed Up With Melt Down Responsibili-Tee T-Shirt, introduced as part of their snow graphic category. Positioned centrally on the shoulders a detailed cartoon scene shows two hikers battling against a melting snow covered mountain that falls into a waterfall with stylised typography to the left side.

Remaining one of the best recognised graphics throughout each season, the P-6 logo is a continuous representation of Chouinard’s love for the great outdoors and his mission in creating a conscientious company that imparts as little environmental impact as possible, whilst providing us with the right gear to accompany outdoor experiences. 


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