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Nike SB Artist Graphic Tees

Inspired by a passion for ‘worldwide connectivity’ and by a determination to expose artists from across the globe, Nike SB’s latest batch of collaborative ‘Artist Series’ tees sets its sights on celebrating individualistic expression outside skate’s four-wheeled remit. Sticking the brand’s legendary ‘performance first’ ethos for yet another season, skate-scene pioneer’s Nike SB link up with the likes of Javier Mendizabal, Speto and Evangeline Chan for a limited run of creative tees inspired by underground memorabilia, personified characteristics and skate’s ever-evolving, trans-national landscape.

Nike SB Artist Graphic Tees | Flatspot

Famed for his appearance in Polar’s ‘In Search Of The Miraculous’ and ‘Strongest of the Strange’ edits and those produced by Lyon-based hardware company Cliché, easy-going Javier Mendizabal hosts a free-spirited and well-rooted design style that’s effortlessly reflected in his own artistic ventures. One of the first Spaniards to really make a name for themselves during skate’s early-day fruition, Basque-country creative Mendizabal mixes passions for travelling with skate-centred aesthetics to celebrate his appointment as the Euro-centred ‘EMEA’ part of this expressive series. Linking with Nike SB for the release of the aptly-titled Javier T-Shirt, Mendizabal keeps things classic with monochrome colourings and odes to symbolic skate culture. The reworked half-pipe fuses with Nike’s iconic logo, whilst the semi-retired skater’s appreciation for flowing lines, expressive detailings and open-minded imaginings comes into its own across the reverse of the design.

Nike SB Artist Graphic Tees | Flatspot

Paulista Paulo Cesar Silver, more commonly known as Speto, finds himself accredited as one of the biggest names in graffiti across Brazil and arrives as the Latin American ‘APLA’ instalment for this series. Fuelled by his own interest in skate and by his childhood spent practicing in the streets of São Paulo, Speto has continued to bring character and animated life to the city’s streets for over 30 years. A resident of the curatorial Art Basel with countless murals and installations accredited with his name, Speto pairs with Nike SB on their ‘Artist Series’ to deliver a playful staple inspired by his own unique style and artistic character. Stylised brushstrokes and spray-paint inspired aesthetics honour the artists streetwise style across the umber-toned apelike design, whilst the classic ‘SB’ Swoosh that accompanies helps seal the profile with its carried sportswear appeal.

Nike SB Artist Graphic Tees | Flatspot

For fans of quirky doodles and abstract obscurity, Mooncasket, a.k.a Evangeline Chan, joins Nike SB’s ‘Artist Series’ as the ‘Greater China’ instalment. Based out of Hong Kong and famed for her ‘low-brow’ perspective, illustrator and graphic designer Mooncasket fuses inspirations from music, film and skate-culture to serve a distinct and ‘80s era aesthetic well-suited to its youthful target. Having worked alongside other big-name skate brands in the past, the community-led artist pairs with Nike SB for a limited-run release of the Nike SB Mooncasket Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Odes to childhood fairytale memorabilia reigns supreme across its mythological troll-inspired design, whilst inanimate twists across the brand’s namesake and famed iconography helps bring a touch of yesteryear nostalgia to a brand that’s set to outlive its own legacy.

With both an instalment from long-term ‘friend of Nike’ Sean Cliver and a signature sneaker release set to drop not long after, we’re excited to see what else this series has to offer when it comes to honouring independent artists across all seven continents.

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