Spring 2017 Lookbook

Spring Season Lookbook focusing on fits, new colours and transitional layers.

The Purple (and green) split colourway Torrentshell is a perfect mid season jacket, the whole Patagonia clothing range is designed to be tooled up with layers for performance. The Stan Ray Shop Jackets are versatile too, both the White Sateen and Chambray colourways can pair up with loose or tapered trouser fits for different looks.

Trousers are focusing right now on utility. Post military from Stan Ray, American workwear classics from Dickies and Ben Davis to more contemporary adaptations from Carhartt. Either worn straight or sized up for a loose fit, we're even cutting into them. Soulland are new to Flatspot and we're feeling the cuts and colours of the pink Erik Jeans and the Greco Heavy Trousers covered here.

Alongside core colours, accent tones are being washed down. Stüssy's colours for Spring are heading into clashing neutral shades and muted hues.