Dispatching your boxes

As we start to see the surge info Christmas traffic, we wanted to give a little overview of how the dispatch process worked at Flatspot. After all, you might well be buying things as gifts and we can easily forgive you for wondering where your box is. Typically (outside of high traffic periods) we look to pick and pack all orders placed before 2pm on the same day. So broadly speaking, if you buy a set of shoes before you have lunch, you can expect them two to four days later with Royal Mail or the very next working day if you opt for Courier service. If you place your order between 2pm and about 4pm, we always try to get your order picked, packed and dispatched that day, but potentially it will be beyond our workflow for that day and will be collected the following day. We always offer two shipping options, either Royal Mail or by a Courier. We are currently offering courier service worldwide with DHL. The box is tracked and you will receive an email and a text message from DHL with tracking information but in the odd occasion of an overactive spam filter, or a typo on the email address, we are always happy to look up these details and re-provide them for you. Royal Mail is also a tracked service although the tracking numbers are not currently automated. Customer Services can quickly look this up and assist you via phone or email. We like to think that the Customer Account section of the site will give you a clear overview of when your box has left us, but if you have any concerns at all we're available Monday to Friday between 8:30am to 5:30pm. Everybody knows that Christmas is a busy time of year, but we're working hard to ensure that whatever you buy gets to you in good time.