Levi's® Skateboarding Collection Fall 2014

Levi's® Skateboarding Collection

For the last three decades Skateboarders have worn Levi's® jeans. Why wouldn't you? they can handle a spill and they always look good. As a commitment to this core audience, Levi's® have produced a special line of classic styles built specifically to help withstand skateboarding. The range focus on superior construction and utilise some key fabrics to produce durable, comfortable jeans. Cordura® has the look and feel of traditional denim, but it was developed (in part for use by the military) to withstand 'exceptional abrasion resistance' - and you know that you're going to come into contact with cement and asphalt at some point. Lycra® T400® has the ability to stretch and also has improved ventilation to keep you cool in long sessions. The overall construction was also carefully considered and each pair benefit from riveted construction, extra stitching through the seams and crotch, bar tacks for reinforcement and double layered back pockets as it sucks landing on your arse. The Skateboarding range isn't just about workhorse jeans, they're are some design cues that are exclusive to the collection. There is a secret 'stash' pocket on the inside left hip, not necessary easy to access but hell of a useful if you don't want other peoples hands on your stash. They also feature contrasting pocket liners, threads, buttons and accenting back patches. Levi's® jeans are iconic things, from the classic cuts right through to the tiny red tab which are interesting things in themselves. For trademark protection one in ten pairs of jeans will simply have the registered "®" symbol on a red tab instead of the full "Levi's®" on the red 5th pocket tab.