Mother Collective > Quasi

You may well have seen Quasi at Flatspot... you might think it looks kinda like the Mother vibe... you might even be waiting for the next Mother Collective drop. Mother (rip) founder Chad Bowers spoke to Jenkem Magazine and cleared it all up. Jenkem: According to your Instagram, Mother is now called Quasi Skateboards. What happened? Chad: About 3 months ago we got a cease and desist letter from another company claiming they owned the name Mother, and I was kinda like whatever, fuck it. Then I got another one and had to get a lawyer, spend a fuck-ton of money, and try and figure out how to fight it or what to do with it. At the end it was best to change the name and move as far away from it as possible. I talked with the entire team about names and told them what happened, and after talking to everyone it was just like, fuck it man, if we’re into it lets just change it. We ended up changing it to Quasi. We don’t have logos on shit anyway for the most part, so it doesn’t really matter. I like that it’s a Q word, the definition of it, that it’s 5 letters, and that it’s not mother or brother or sister or any common word. And, dude, in this day and age, it’s fucking impossible to trademark anything or own anything. I assumed you couldn’t own the word “Mother,” you know. That’s crazy, but you can. And someone does. There was no work around, you can’t call it Step-Mother, you can’t call it Mom; I tried all that. It’s just a name. The art, graphics, what it’s about and who we sell to – none of that changes. I just wanna pay the riders to support them and make rad videos. It’s all really small and really on the fly. It’s just like that what’s happened. What are you gonna do, go out of business? No, who cares. We’re gonna see what happens. None of this was planned, it’s not some marketing stunt. I don’t want people to think it’s premeditated. It wasn’t.