Pursuing Forrest Edwards

The story goes like this. Forrest Edwards didn't have the sponsor, the money or the inclination to hustle his way to Barcelona for Street League. Jenkam Magazine started an Indiegogo campaign to cover his air travel, they explained "He’s the hero Street League needs, not the one it deserves, our dark knight." When Forrest Edwards found out that they were running the campaign to get him to Barcelona, his only response was, “Oh, that’ll probably make them look pretty cool, huh?”. However it ended up happening, Forrest was a wild man set loose on the streets of Barcelona and as part of his Flatspot brief, Harry tailed him. Forrest didn't place in the top eight of his heat so didn't skate the final, but thats not the whole story... "When we were lost trying to find the Manolos skate bar we found him (Forrest) on the way there and we got him super lost and he was like; 'i trusted you guys god damn'. In the morning we saw him at MACBA and he was like 'yo, did you guys make it to the bar in the end?'... I was lost for about 2 hours. Every time I was asking for him a selfie he was telling me doesn't really fuck with that". Below, Pursuing Forrest Edwards... the video.