Just Landed: The Friend Ship

The first drop of The Friend Ship decks have just landed with poppin' custom graphics and we're totally into them. The Friend Ship is owned and run by Tim Olson (of Tim & Eric fame) and Paul Zitzer with all the boards being shaped and hand screen printed by the guys at Surprise Skateboards. For this first collection Tim Olson worked up to matching 'Simpson' bootleg graphics that are tributes to classic Neil Blender and Gonz graphics. Elsewhere original art by Mike Guerrero and Philip Morgan. Talking about the new venture, Tim Olson explained; "About 25 years ago my friend Paul Zitzer and I decided to start our own skateboard company. But due to lack of focus and our demanding schedules, which included absurd amounts of skateboarding, it never quite came together. Until now. With help from David over at Surprise skateboards, Paul and I are proud to announce the christening of The Friend Ship."