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Magenta X Brian Lotti

We've just taken stock of a guest artist board from French brand Magenta and Brian Lotti, along side a guest pro model with original art by Soy Panday. Brian Lotti rose to prominence in the late eighties as part of a golden generation of skaters, but his creative path over the last twenty years has been even more interesting; dropping in and out of skating, exploring all aspects of art and culture and his oil painting makes for a striking deck. Below you can see a couple more of his paintings and an extract of his 2012 film 'Blue Line'. He explained in interview to the Ride Channel how the Magenta collaboration came about; "Soy had approached me about doing a guest graphic for Magenta, and also asked if he could make a guest pro graphic for me. I'm a big fan of Magenta, so I was interested in the proposition. Soy knew I had been doing a lot of landscape paintings and suggested that maybe one of these or a section of one of these could make for an interesting graphic. I came up with a few options, but he really art directed the whole thing, and I love the guest pro-model he created for me with the hand painting. Spot on, Soy! So many great artists and so much of the painting that influences me has its source in France, so doing this collaboration is especially meaningful."