The Impossible Project

A little while back we ran a story about the Impossible Project Instant Lab, the fold out studio that enables you to convert your digital phone images into hand processed analogue print outs; actual polaroids. This week we're stoked to take stock of not only the instant labs, but also a wide range of films and cameras from the Impossible Project. What started as a 'project' to save "200 million Polaroid instant cameras from becoming utterly useless" has evolved into a multinational company producing a wide range of analog instant films and as a byproduct becoming experts at refurbishing original Polaroid cameras and now developing their own-designed range of analog instant cameras. We now have stock of Black & White and Colour 600 film, including white and black frames, circular white frames plus three special 'Poisoned Paradise' special editions with Hibiscus, Frangipani or Fuchsia flower print frames. Kit wise we have Impossible Project Labs, reconditioned 80's style polaroid cameras, 600 Impulse models and the SLR 680 camera. All have been expertly cleaned, repaired and brought back to life. Expect minor imperfections and also slight variations from the Flatspot product images. Shop The Impossible Project at Flatspot.