Interest: The Impossible Project

We've been really into the The Impossible Project for quite a while now. Back about five years go, a small passionate team of film fans bought the production machinery direct from Polaroid (who were closing down production on their famous instant film) and using old Agfa technology to simulate Polaroid's chemistry, they re-establish the production of Polaroid-format instant film. Since then they've stepped up their refurbishing of old cameras and recently launched the 'Instant Lab'. We got to have a go on one of these guys a little while back and we're really into it. The Instant Lab allows users to transform, any digital image into a one-of-a-kind instant photograph, using your iPhone. These images are no longer confined to a screen and can be shared, exhibited or simply treasured. With its four element, high-quality, coated glass lens, its metal dark slide and its shutter mechanism, the Instant Lab works completely differently to a digital printer. It is an analog – not a digital – photographic tool, giving you the flexibility, quality and creative possibilities of both digital and analog media.