Adidas x Palace on 'Teamwear' collection

Drops from Adidas or Palace cause enough fuss on their own, but this much teased and highly anticipated collaborative collection is going off. This Saturday morning [27th September] at 9am GMT, we are psyched to offer an athletic and sportswear inspired collection that we know you're all going to be into. 'They don't think the way we think' said Palace's Lev Tanju of their partner Adidas, That's why they wanted us to do it. We're not trained designers. Designing is not us sitting down and drawing it. We find shapes that we like, then change things and take from other things. We like weird stuff, we don't want it to be normal. If people don't get it, that's even better, because there's nothing really to get. It's just clothes we wanted to make. Palace are calling it "teamwear" and it takes inspiration from track, field and plenty of football across Jackets, Jerseys, Over Shirts and Tracksuits.
The whole collection will be available to buy Saturday morning at 9am GMT.