Fourstar x 4Q conditioning

Max Schaaf is the kind of guy that anyone would want to collaborate with; one further, he's just the kind of guy you'd want to hang out with. Other endeavours aside, he's a professional skateboarder and owner of the Oakland based motorcycle work shop 4Q conditioning. If you take even few minutes to read his blog he's interested in being interesting. He wrote a great piece about vert ramps, not necessarily the most popular right now, it's just another example of a guy doing what he wants to. "Ride again and chase the feeling i've felt since i was 10. No gasoline, no motor, a rather primitive tool (me and the skateboard) and a wooden U"
It is with great pleasure that we can bring you this highly anticipated collaborative capsule drop between Schraff's 4Q conditioning and the Fourstar 
lifestyle clothing brand. It's a collection of attire that will stand up to doing stuff in. The materials and the cuts are all durable and bold, referencing work and chore clothing synonymous with the contemporary USA custom motorcycle scene.
You can view the collection in the 
shop now.