All about the ICNY Socks

This weekend has had a bike vibe going on. Plenty of people getting out for the Tour De France... Leeds... Sheffield... London.... France! We talked a little about them on their launch, but we wanted to look back at the ICNY collection and this guide to their reflective socks.

Cycling is great exercise, a green way to travel and a fun way to express individual style, but can sometimes become hazardous, especially on city streets. After several accidents and numerous close calls, designer Michael Cherman decided he needed something to help himself stay safe while riding at night. Utilising a unique 3M reflective application on socks and t-shirts that produce a strobe effect when lit, making the wearer visible at night. ICNY is not just for cyclists. It’s for anyone who wants to be seen at night; runners, skaters and pedestrians alike.
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