Introducing 'Dear Skating'

Arriving this week at Flatspot is a new label that you might feel like you've kinda seen before...
Dear Skating pays tribute to some iconic moments from skate videos so you can re-live the glory days with heritage throwbacks. They are putting out limited runs of T-Shirts like the "Israel" shirt Mark Gonzales wore in Blind's "Video Days" and SMA Rocco Division T-Shirts team riders wore in the early days of the brand that would be later known simply as World Industries. Dear Skating have utilised a special ageing wash process that makes the shirts feel like they are twenty years old, again part of the whole concept. 

Chris Lipomi from Dear explained recently to The Skateboard Mag a little about the project he started.
“The skateboarding I grew up in with was a subculture. A physical activity sure, and though my days weren’t filled with simply learning tricks and pushing from point A to A, they were full. They were filled with the adventure, experiences, music, friends, bums, and enjoyment that went along with being a skateboarder. A different way to see and move through the world, a secret that we shared, a perspective that was unique and our own. As skateboarding has continued to change and grow over the years I have continually found myself gravitating toward aspects and pockets of it that retained the charm and magic that initially drew me in.” 
Landing soon in the shop, you can view the Dear Instagram feed below for some highlights.