We love Kinfolk

Kinfolk is the leading entertaining magazine for young food enthusiasts and adventure-seekers. It's a beautifully compiled magazine and volume twelve is making series impacts on our desks this week.
"Summer is a time to lounge around and do as little as you can: Sit in some trees, lie in the grass and stare at the clouds. Here are a few more ways to watch the long days turn into night."
Other pertinent advise is to 'Give things time' as the joy of delayed gratification outweighs the waiting and to 'Master a new hobby' as real joy is found in pursuing something just for the sake of the journey.

It's a point that resonated with us. We as folk, in general, spend the vast majority of our time focusing on getting somewhere. If we could all learn to enjoy the journey a little more we'd spend more time revelling.
Take it easy brother, have a look at the view.