Hey, have you heard that the Word Cup is happening? Damn right you have because everyone from sports manufacturers (justified) to tech firms (loosely connected we guess) to car tires, fast food, crisps and soft drinks (really tentative now…) are sticking their logos all over Brazil and shouting about the beautiful game.
All this aside, it’s great to see someone dive right in there with some love and make waves for the right reasons. Nike SB sent five of its premier European riders - Wieger van Wageningen, Denny Pham, Maxime Geronzi, Dani Lebron and Kyron Davis - to the epicentre of football to visit their Brazilian brethren, Luan Oliveira and Fabio Cristiano in this new film ‘Brotherhood of the Feet’.

Brazil is a country most commonly identified with its rich and passionate football culture, but a similar nationwide fervour is also reserved for skateboarding. Football and skateboarding are indeed very different, yet in Brazil they are both intrinsically linked by their birthplace – the streets.
The film is a visual narrative of their journey through the streets of these two unique cities in one of the most vibrant, welcoming and culturally exciting countries on earth.