Joey Pepper on Grey Mag

Grey Magazine spoke to Huf rider Joey Pepper about saving Southbank and the latest additions to the team whilst on the Huf Stoops Euro Tour demo in London.

Why are well-established city street spots like Southbank important? Does localising these spots give kids something they wouldn't get from hanging out at the skatepark?

I think any spot that's natural to the environment can give kids the opportunity to create their own scene. I mean if you go to a skatepark, there isn't really a scene, there are just people skating. Then you come to a spot like this and it's an actual scene and it's got so much history behind it. There have been so many crews of skaters over the years. It's just a whole different dynamic to a skatepark and it creates different styles. I feel like people have a lot more pride in a spot that is their own.

How do you feel about the addition of Dylan Reider and Austyn Gillette to the Huf team?

I think it's awesome. I'd met both of them before, but never really got a chance to hang out much with them, so this trip was good in that way too, because you're kind of forced to hang out with each other for a long period of time. They're both fucking amazing skateboarders; it's absolutely insane. And good people too

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