Truck Furniture - Japan


Truck Furniture Company was founded in 1997 by Japanese designers Tokuhiko Kise and Hiromi Karatsu, all their items are designed and hand crafted in the workshop below the store. Their design ethos is to create items that will outlive trends and that they want for themselves, taking pride in using the highest quality natural materials available.

In 2009 Truck moved to a larger location which they built themselves, allowing the store and workshop to be under the same roof, also enabling the opening of Bird Coffee, a restaurant and coffee shop where the customers could sit and rest when not shopping.

Truck also create catalogue books in which they document the creation of the brand and the building of a house, workshop, store and restaurant in which they could live and work comfortably from. The publications show the products in everyday situations inside their own homes, creating a personal, behind the scenes feel and giving insight into their lives and Japanese lifestyle.