Interview : Matt Mondanile for Deluxe Magazine



Interview by Deluxe magazine for their latest issue. Photos by Shawn Brackbrill.

Ducktails is the increasingly less “solo” endeavor of Matt Mondanile (also of Real Estate). Already responsible for four (five depending on how you count them) LP’s and numerous EP’s, tapes and split releases; Matt is the current figured head of America’s East Coast Woozy/Slacker-rock scene. Half way around Europe touring his new LP ‘The Flower Lane’, we caught up to talk record shops… naturally.
Which record stores did you grow up with?
In Ridgewood, New Jersey there was a record store called Golden Hits which I worked at very briefly. This introduced me to Spacemen 3 and Dukes of the Strasosphere and some brit pop I would of never heard of. There was also a Tower Records on route 17 which sold concert tickets and I bought a bunch of CD’s there.
How did they form your early involvement with music?
I started listening to music early on out of curiosity. I friend of mine would play me something or I would find out about music through the internet and explore there. I downloaded  a ton of music growing up and it’s all saved on various computers.
Which shops do you frequent these days?
My friend chris has a great distro called Fusetron in NY that’s not really store but they carry tons of stuff and you can get it through mail order. I also really like the Record Grouch in Greenpoint Brooklyn. It’s near my house and they have an incredible used record collection. I am also very fond of Mystery Train in Amherst, MA.

Do you remember the first time you saw one of your own records in a shop?
I don’t remember the first time I saw my record in a store but every time I see one in a store I get excited. I think it’s a really great thing for record stores to be stocking my stuff.
What makes you put in the effort to go to them when the internet is just so easy?!
Going to a record store and purchasing a record is so much different then downloading an album. It’s a really important way to access music. A lot of the times I really enjoy buying something I’ve just heard in a store.
Can a great web experience simulate how it feels to go into a shop in person?
I really enjoy buying records through I think that is an adequate balance between buying a record and downloading one. You can find an obscure record through someone’s store and browse their other records.
Any weird experiences in record shops as a shopper/worker/on playing an instore?
I’ve been to a lot of shows in record stores. At Mystery Train in Amherst, MA there would be a lot of weird local shows happening with bands making the most out-there wild sounds. It definitely shocks certain people just looking to buy something on the go when they witness something weird going on in a store.
What is the best store you’ve ever come across?
There is this record store in Ghent, Belgium that is incredible. I forget what it’s called but it might be called Vinyl Mania or something? They have a great collection of italo disco and cosmic synth stuff.
Matt’s tip was ‘Music Mania’ in Ghent and you can visit them online at;