Flatspot: Poler Camping Gear

We've been heavily anticipating the arrival of Poler the Portland based camping equipment and apparel company here at Flatspot, and we're stoked to let our Flatspot friends know that it's landed, and cooking with gas!  

The Magic Tarpit (Half Tarp, Half Space Blanket, Half Magic), and The Man and Two Man tents are all now live.  Along with a selection of Poler Apparel, consisting of classic trucker caps and hand-drawn t's - Furry Font, Constellation and Camp Vibes being personal favourite's of ours.  All of which could wreck your retinas, in a good way.

Poler is the brainchild of photographer Benji Wagner. Renowned for shooting skateboarders both on and off the board (most recently capturing half the Poler skate team pedaling against the elements on two-wheeled transportation in New Zealand). The skate team consists of a veritable mix of inimitable talent including; Alex Olson, James Hardy, Cairo Foster, Rick McCrank, Keegan Sauder, Kenny Anderson, Cory Kennedy, Arto Saari, Chet Childress, John Rattray & Chris Haslam.  Below is pt 1 of 5 short films documenting their New Zealand road trip. 

Purchase Poler at Flatspot and head to the woods.