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KeepCup, Hario and Brewing Coffee

We like a good pour over coffee. We're not boring about it, but if you're going to make a cup we figure just do it well. We've enjoyed researching into various brew processes and in the coming weeks we have new American kit from Chemex and Kalita arriving, but today we made a coffee to go with our Japanese Hario rig and our new Australian KeepCup range. In stock now we have ceramic and Hario glass v60 drippers, paper filters, drip Kettles and grinders (digital scales to arrive again soon). We also have contemporary and re-useable KeepCup cups, suitable for coffee or any other hot or cool beverage. You can watch and read into the prep process as much as you like, little differences will greatly effect your coffee. It's all pretty subjective. We'll give you a simple overview of what we were brewing. Today's beans were from CrankHouse in Exeter, we also highly recommend Square Mile, Has Bean and Workshop. For that 12oz cup, we ground 15g of beans fairly fine with the Hario Mini Mill. You'll want to test you results and tweak this part. We then wet the paper filter in the v60 with just boiled water, make sure it sits nice and flat in the dripper. Still weighing on the scales, pour over about 80g of water and allow to sit (bloom) for about thirty seconds, then slowly pour up to 250gm.